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A registration fee of $25 is required of all families enrolling per year. This fee is per family NOT per student and is non-refundable. Registration is generally open through January. Generally, classes close to any new registrants by February.


Tuition fees are monthly fees, based on 10 equal payments (September thru June), due by the 7th of each month. Each class meets once per week. Some months have 3 classes per month, some have 4 classes per month, and some have 5 classes per month; but on average, each class meets a minimum of 4 times per month, if enrolled from September thru June.

Missed Lessons

Generally, there are no refunds for missed classes or “pro-ration” of tuition fees; however, make-up classes may be available according to the posted schedule and “made-up” any time.

Our tuition fees and associated classes run “month-to-month” and are not per “session” or per semester. We hope that you or your child enjoys the class or classes and wishes to say through the year, ending with our exciting June Performance.


In past years, costumes deposits were taken upon registration. Given students busy & changing schedules we have postponed taking deposits until October for Nutcracker, Dance Team and June Performance costumes. We order costumes early so as

to take advantage of early discounts so that we may pass the savings on to the students. We have heard of costumes costing over $100 per costume from parents of students enrolling from other area studios and those moving here from other cities.

Costume Deposits are due by October 15th

1 Class…$68 (total charge)
(there will not be any additional cost charge)

2 classes…$130 (total charge)
(there will not be any additional cost charge)

3+ classes…$180 deposit (additional costs after 3 classes)

dance team…$85 (per team) (balance, if any, to be billed February)

Historically, our costume prices have ranged from just under $60 to as high as $85. On average, the cost has been around $60 per costume.

Costume refunds must be requested by the second week of January; otherwise, the charge is non-refundable.

Ballet costumes may be used for both “Our Nutcracker” and June performances. Only 1 costume charge will be charged; therefore, plan on the same costume for the June performance. A rental charge of $15 may be charged if a “studio costume” is used for “Our Nutcracker” to cover dry-cleaning costs.


We do not bill or send statements for monthly tuition fees. We, on occasion, send statements for special events, such as, conventions, competitions, exam fees and “past due” accounts.

We operate on a pseudo “honor system” where by you just place your fees in the Payments Box located near the main entrance to the studio.

We do warn that a Late Payment Fee $7 may be assessed if fees are not paid when due. Also, an NSF fee $30 is assessed if a check is returned for insufficient funds.