Students enrolled in Ballet will build a comprehensive understanding of Classical Ballet technique and terminology.  Lessons are based on a traditional ballet curriculum that include barre exercises, center work and across the floor progressions.  Through the emphasis of proper placement and body alignment, students will gain strength, flexibility and artistry in this timeless technique. MORE


Students enrolled in Jazz will enjoy an upbeat high energy class that encompasses a multitude of jazz styles and curriculums such as Broadway jazz, commercial and contemporary.  Consisting of a warm-up, stretch, across the floor progressions and combinations. Classes will focus on the development of a well-rounded dancer and understanding of technical skills like body isolations, weight transferring and the improvement of overall performance quality. MORE


Tap classes work on the development of rhythm, musicality and coordination.  Students will enjoy experiencing a variety of styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap as they build a strong foundation and understanding of tap terminology and skills. Consisting of a warm up, across the floor progressions and combinations. Classes will emphasize the importance of sound quality, incorporation of dynamics and increasing movement speed within complex rhythm patterns. MORE


Lyrical/contemporary classes focus on the art of storytelling through movement.  By utilizing skills obtained in ballet, jazz and modern techniques, dancers use emotional and abstract movements to portray an interpretation of the music.  Students taking lyrical/contemporary must also be enrolled in ballet. MORE

Musical Theater

Students enrolled in Musical theater classes will enjoy learning a variety of dance styles and performance techniques made popular in classic and modern day Broadway musicals.  Combinations will focus on teaching students how to connect with their audience by telling a story through dance and facial expressions.  This high energy class is sure to improve overall performance quality making your dancer ready to hit the big stage. MORE

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high energy class featuring the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping and locking. Combinations to today’s chart topping hits will focus on building the strength and stamina needed to correctly perform these moves.  Students are encouraged to bring their own individual styles and personalities to each combination, creating a dynamic and positive learning environment. MORE

Floor Gymnastics

Floor gymnastics is a great class for students looking to increase strength, flexibility, balance and agility.  Consisting of a warm up, strength building exercises, tumbling passes and combinations.  Students will develop exciting skills and tricks such as handstands, cartwheels, back walk overs, and aerials. MORE

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